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La Gelateria Callipo was born from the experience of the Callipo family that, for over 100 years, operates in the food sector and still maintains intact the tradition of Pizzo di Calabria "the city of ice cream".
Love for tradition, passion for quality, attention to consumer needs. These are the keywords of the philosophy that respects the Callipo e the unbeatable creativity of its masters. The care in the preparation and the choice of noble ingredients gives to Pizzo ice creams an unique taste and a rich and creamy consistency. A real art that permits Gelateria Callipo to offer and spread exclusive and genuine ice creams in Italy and in the world, that recall the extraordinary taste of the recipes of the past.

The strengths:

  • The use of high quality fresh milk and fresh cream, produced by selected local farms;
  • The choice of raw materials selected in their native lands: Italian hazelnuts, Calabrian sheep ricotta, Calabrian figs from Valle del Crati, Calabrian licorice, Sicilian lemon, etc;
  • The use of a high percentage of pasta and puree and juices of Italian origin and at km 0;
  • A very low air overrun and the absence of GMO ingredients and hydrogenated fats;
  • A persistent and natural taste, as true artisan tradition requires;
  • A wide range of gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan products.

In our refrigerated counters you can find the best Slovenian dairy products from Zelene Doline.
Its products are the result of a tradition that comes from over 70 years of experience, a symbol of high quality and proud ambassadors of tradition and respect for nature.
Past and present create a mixture of flavors that give life to a variety of excellent probiotic yogurts. Using only the best of nature is a fundamental component of yogurt that represents the relaxing experience of excellence.
They are characterized by a low fat content and are labeled "No GMO - products without genetically modified organisms".
Naturally, besides the wide selection of yoghurts, Zelene Doline offers a vast range of products ranging from dairy products with cheeses, spreads, UHT and fresh milk, cream, desserts, etc.