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We work for you from 2009

Serving your every need since 2009 After having gained many years of experience in this sector, we decided to combine our know-how and skills and to face a new challenge: to create a company of our own and therefore to open a large sales outlet in which we were able to choose every single product to offer our customers. After having carried out an in-depth market study, we chose the Rabuiese as the most suitable location where to develop our project.
Right from the very beginning, we realised the great potential that this catchment area could offer as it can be rapidly reached thanks to the major road network and its location close to the border with Slovenia.

After almost one and a half years of hard work, mainly carried out by the business partners themselves who found time in between their other activities to devote to such work, in October 2009, with great satisfaction as well as many expectations, our project became a reality with the opening of the “Centro Discount” sales outlet.

From 2009
Competitve price

Once our sales outlet had opened, we were immediately able to offer our customers quality products at an extremely competitive price. We always contacted our suppliers, chosen our products and negotiated the relative prices, entirely freestanding, without any links to any major retail companies.

“First article” product line

Thanks to our contacts, achieved after gaining many years of experience in this sector, a large purchasing group created exclusively for us a “first article” product line consisting of approximately 1,000 different items.

branded product at a convenient prica

Subsequently, we continued to broaden the range of goods to provide an increasingly wider range of products to our customers. Then we added also branded products yet which were always sold at super convenient prices. Today, our suppliers contact us, or rather they pursue us so that we can offer their products for sale.


Approximately 4 years after that memorable October 2009, in March 2014, we had the opportunity to start-up a second sales outlet in the heart of Trieste, in via Cumano. . This made it possible for our format to reach an even wider range of customers to whom we could offer our products Later we opened a third store in Montedoro.

Ampia opportunità di lavoro

Being able to offer ample, continuous employment opportunities to our collaborators, especially in a moment of severe economic and occupational crisis, is a great source of pride for us.

Convenience and quality

Centro Discount with an Italian heart”: truly offers you convenience …and quality 365 days of the year!